Creative Commons Launch

Here’s an article on the O’Reilly Network reporting on the rollout party for Larry Lessig’s Creative Commons project. My favorite line:

EFF provacateur Cory Doctorow was there sporting a slimmer frame courtesy of the Atkins diet and a new EFF bumpersticker.

Wow, the EFF bumpersticker can make you lose weight? I’m gettin’ me some!

PPC Warchalking Tool

Boingo , a company that provides internet access over WiFi networks in places like airports and hotels, has developed “sniffing” software for the Pocket PC operating system. Previously Pocket PC users often had to know the SSID and other information about available networks before logging on, but with the Boingo software, sniffing for networks is free and easy. Not only does it find commercial Boingo networks, it also finds free and corporate networks as well. Warchalking just got a whole lot easier.

New Software for Scooping Internet News

UNIC (Universal News Internet Collector) software is designed for the efficient online collection of the latest news that matters to you, so that you can read it offline, any time. A key feature of UNIC is that you can read the news digests on either your desktop PC or your PocketPC by creating .lit files for use with Microsoft Reader. Check it out at Softaura

[Please Note: This “news” item was posted by the developer of the software, NOT an impartial user. – The Mgt.]

Bandwidth Got You Down?

I just noticed a cool new feature of my favorite download site If you’re one of those people always looking for great new shareware, but you don’t have the time or the bandwidth to download the gigs of data that you want, will now let you create a custom CD-ROM full of all the shareware (up to 600 megs per disc) and then they’ll mail it to you. Seems very retro to be using snail-mail to ship bits, but it works around that problem of having the broadband at work but no CD burner, or just plain no broadband at all. Cost is $10 per disc, plus $2 shipping worldwide.

Gar’s Sucks-Less Writing Tips

After four years of “growing” a list of writing tips that I wanted to share with Street Tech writers, I’ve decided to post it as a work-in-progress (i.e., it probably sucks-More than it needs to, but I just got tired of picking away at it and not posting it). I figured, with ST 4.0, where we’re opening the writing pool up to a wider group, some of these tips might help us get stronger submissions (and maybe save me some time as an editor). Please let me know what you think.

ZOE: Google for your Inbox

ZOE (as reviewed by O’Reilly’s Jon Udell) is a cool Java Web service that treats your Inbox as if it were Google. I can’t *quite* get it to work for me, but the problem may be with my provider. Anyway, check it out. It’s free and cool.

Multi-tabbed Browser

I’ve been on the look out for a Windows tab-capable browser, since I tend to have a dozen browser windows open at a time — making it very hard to find anything. Tried Mozilla. It crashed. I resumed my search and found this browser list.

After trying several programs, I’m very happy and impressed with CrazyBrowser. Allows keeping groups of links and locking tabs into place. Wrangle those URLs! It’s freeware, with no annoying ad- or spyware.