Herr von Slatt Profiled on Wired News

Our pal Jake von Slatt gets the front n’ center star treatment on Wired today, with an interview and a gallery of some of his work. Congrats, Jake!

In the slideshow of projects, he includes the above pic of an old radio he’s currently converting to a digital music machine. Here’s what he says about it:

“There are a million ‘MP3 player in old radio case’ mods, but with this one I intend to entangle the very DNA of these two devices The filament supply of the radio will be tapped and regulated to power the MP3 player and the output of the MP3 player will be spliced directly into the audio output stage of the radio’s vacuum-tube amplifier. I’ll then load it with a bunch of period music and radio plays.”

We like the way this guy thinks! Make him Fabricator General and Minister of the Manufactorum!

BTW: If you haven’t seen my Wired News steampunk piece from a few weeks back, it’s here.