Giant Slug-Like Biomass Machine at Burning Man

One of the more interesting people I had the pleasure of meeting at Foo Camp was Jim Mason of The Shipyard, the brilliantly-mad Berkeley art and alternative energy space/community (which was recently forced to vacate their premises and is now looking for donations to re-emerge bigger and more bad-ass, outside of Berkeley. Help out!).

Anyhoo, at Camp, Jim was drumming up interest for The Mechabolic, a crazy-ass bio-fuel slug/digestive system sculpture thingy that he and his cohort plan to build at ’07 Burning Man. It’s “human anatomy meets hot rod fetishism,” er… or something like that. If you want to know more about “Team Metabolic” and their “burlesque of synthetic metabolism,” check out the project’s website.

BTW: The wonderful Neverwas Haul, featured in my recent steampunk piece, was built at The Shipyard.