DIY: Hotel Meth Labs

Want yet another reason to be skeezed out during your next hotel stay (besides your nagging fear that the baby belonging to the previous occupants played poo-poo patty cake in the bathroom — at least you pray it was baby — while mommy and daddy cavorted naked all over the furniture)? How about the fact that mommy and daddy may have turned Mr. Coffee into a miniature meth lab, too? Sound crazy? Not according to this piece on Kevin Kelly’s Street Use. He links to a Huntsville, AL news outlet which quotes local officials. Apparently, it’s a lot more common than you might think. The piece concludes:

Phillips says it’s pretty easy to tell if a coffee pot has been used to cook meth. It will have a dark reddish-orange stain.

Gee, thanks for that warning. I was just about to brew up a delicious pot o’ Joe even though it looks like someone’s been using the coffee pot as a bedside urinal for the past six months.