Olevia 32″ HDTV: Outstanding Bang to Buck Ratio

Being reluctant to max major plastic on high-def technology yet, we’ve been fans here at Street Tech of Olevia’s more modestly-priced offerings. Last year, we had the Olevia 26″ HDTV-ready LCD TV in our gift guide. The 28″ JVC TV here at Chez Branwyn is nearly on its last cathode ray, so we were sorely tempted when we saw a Black Friday Circuit City deal for a 32″ Olevia HDTV for US$499. What we were NOT tempted to do was to get trampled in line at midnight. Maybe we should have not showered or brushed our teeth for a week (this time, on purpose) and taken our chances in line. This review of the set makes it sound like it’s way worth the five hundred bones and even a good deal at its regular retail price of $900.