That’s No 18-Wheeler, That’s an 18,000 Watter

Oh my word, this is absurd (in the most deliriously awesome way)! It’s called “Decotora” (or “Dekotora”) and it’s Japanese, oh… so… very… Japanese. They look like moving Vegas slots crossed with downtown Tokyo AND Time Square. As Avi Abrams says on his site Dark Roasted Blend:

“They might not look very refined in the daylight, but at night they shine in the most inimitable way. If you meet such an embellished apparition on a highway at midnight, it may either scare you off the road, or cause you to start to believe in alien encounters. The amount of chrome on these babies is probably equal to a monthly chrome production of a small African republic. I have to admit I’m still scratching my head after seeing this.”