Aliens: Why They Hate Us

This giant Colonel Sanders logo was built in a field in Nevada, “near Area 51,” to be the first brand visible from space. It took a team of 50 designers, engineers, architects, and scientists (scientists?) to create the image which is over 87,000 sq. feet. It was made to commemorate the new version of KFC’s logo. He wears an apron now. Gawd, I wish I was making this up. I really do. I think I’ll go medicate myself and curl up in a fetal position now.

After the jump, see the inevitable photoshopping (from Soupy Trumpet) of our intergalactic brothers enjoying some of that opposable flipper-lickin’ goodness of the Colonel. Missing the nuisance of the whole human master/spokesbot versus domesticated fowl business, they just went ahead and herbed, spiced, and deep fried the old bastard. Now THAT’s good eatin’

Thanks, Ron!