Scariest Tech of 2006

Peter Lewis of Fortune did a right-on list of the scariest, gnarliest, most user-surly tech (and tech-related media and developments) for 2006. We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s the list. Hit the link to read his wonderful descriptions (e.g. On Vonage: “I’m a Vonage customer and I never know when the service is going to be clear, or scratchy, or when it’s going to cough up a hairball of old voicemail. And customer service? Remember Riff Raff, the servant in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? It’s like that.”)

The List (Be Ashamed. Be Very Ashamed.):

1. Sony Li-On Batteries
2. Amazon Unbox
3. Vonage/VoIP
4, HP Ethics
5. MS Vista
6. RIAA’s “Campus Download” (think: “Reefer Madness” for file sharing)
7. Blu-ray/HD-DVD
8. Paperless Voting Machines
9. “Ultra-Mobile” PCs (not!)
10. The Wii (the name, the name!)
11. X-Men: The Official Game
12. Stay Alive (a movie about games that can kill)