Bono, Oprah Appear Together, Ego Density Creates New Blackhole

Oprah and Bono were in Chicago’s Apple store today for this photo op promoting the new red iPod Nano (expected to go on sale tomorrow), a tie-in with Bono’s Product Red charity for the Global Fund.

An unintentional tie-in was ABC News’s report tonight on how corporate support for charities,via charity-branded products (such as the pink ribbon breast cancer campaign) is leading to huge profits for companies. Yes, they donate some % of sales to the charities, but the charity-branded products enjoy huge spikes in sales because consumers equate the purchase with charitable giving. So it ends up as just another marketing strategy for corporations, one that seems to offer a big ROI. In the case of the Red iPod, US$10 of each sale will go to Project Red.

[Via Forevergeek]