Coghead: Online Application Builder

Coghead, a much-anticipated tool for creating your own online applications, has finally gone live. TechCrunch explains its import in this growing market of online application-building services:

“What is special about CogHead is that users building applications with the product require less technical skills because the process is all drag-and-drop and visual. CogHead is unique because of just how easy it is to create forms, views and apps – the design view allows users to create fields by dragging and dropping them onto a form. The user can lay the fields out and place them on the page, making the application they build more user friendly and easier on the eyes. Building the logic behind the forms is also a graphical process, the user takes objects and actions and drags them into a flow chart that is similar to a data-flow or logic diagram (see their screenshots). CogHead has a large set of user actions and events available meaning that a very broad range of custom apps can be built. Data can also be processed without a user making a direct action as there are events such as when data is imported etc.”

Read the entire TC piece here, and don’t pass up the Comments, where programmers, Web designers, and others discuss the relative merits of this emerging technology.