MySpace: The Magazine?

So, now that Fox is all down with the iGeneration after buying MySpace, what new media trails do they want to blaze next? How about the one paved with plenty of dead trees? According to a piece in Advertising Age (and reported by our confederates, TechDirt), they’re “modeling” it now. Modeling it? I thought you wrote and then published a magazine, but I guess when you’re just shooting for style over substance you “model” it, kind of like this fall’s must-have fashions. I can see the pitch meetings now: “Look, Rupe, it’s like Us or People, only with tattoos, piercings and lots of crazy page designs. The kids love the insane backgrounds” “No, listen, how about: It’s FHM or Maxim, only we won’t pay up and coming writers to dream up the frat house boob and fart jokes, we datamine this stuff from pages on the site, for free! This make the kids feel all interactive. They eat this stuff up. ”

Personally, I’m holding out for the YouTube print mag. Now *that* promises to be a page-turner.