Chocolate Cellies: Make Mine Bitter-Sweet

Verizon sent out a mailing to its wireless customers today, teasing them about a phone they’re trying to make look good enough to eat. The LG Chocolate (Yes, its actual name) is another one off them newfangled mobile phone/MP3 player combos. Without further adieu, the feature set:

*Expandable memory with optional 2 GB memory card.
*Access over one million songs for $1.99 to
your phone.
* Touch-sensitive controls keep your music handy, or slide out the number pad to make calls.
* V CAST music **capable.** Add a V CAST VPak to enjoy the hottest streaming mobile video content.
* VZ Navigator **capable** to get real-time audible directions and maps with GPS.
* 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom plus video capture.
* Bluetooth® compability for wireless headsets.

Wait, so I can get songs on my phone for a dollar more than I can get ’em on my desktop/iPod AND I can subscribe to a bunch of add-on services? If you can promise me the same laughably-bad Verizon Wireless service I get now, I am SO there!

BTW: This little confection’ll set you back US$250, less via some service plans (e.g. $150 w/ two years of indentured servitude to Verizon). It’s definitely taste-lookin’ thang. I’ll give it that.