One Customer’s Complaints Katamari Through Cyberspace

All Chris Szarek wanted was to have the latest game box in the form of a Microsoft Xbox 360. What he got was a lemon, and then another one, and then another. Along the way, he had to endure a lot of the customer service frustrations we can all relate to when our tech goes bad and we’re forced to deal with clueless and/or surly “customer care representatives,” dropped hold calls, inadequate replacement gear, and all the rest of it. The difference here is that Szarek went online with his beefs and found an all-ears audience on Xbox forums and blogs. Things snowballed right on up to the top of MS’s Xbox division, with an eventual call from Xbox chief executive, Peter Moore. Szarek is now on his fourth 360 and hoping for the best.

A great story for anyone who’s had to deal with problems like this and wanted to shout out (or has): “I’m going to go online, go to the press, and tell so many people about this, I’m gonna smoke yo ass!”

Read the gory details here.