Ten Reasons Why HD-DVD Sucks MORE

CNet’s David Carnoy details ten good reasons to be dissappointed with HD-DVD. To be fair, most of the dissing is really directed at the Toshiba HD-A1, but some of its shortcomings are likely indicative of other “reasonably” priced units to follow (and the tech in general).

The whole HD-DVD/Blu-Ray boondoggle just fills us with piss and vinegar: too much money to be thrown at unnecessarily complicated technology (which may end up on the losing side of a standards war), all of which will do nothing more than obsolesce our existing media libraries while offering us few improvements we really care that much about in the first place. Wake us up when CyberHome, or some other low-rent Asian glass merchant, is selling [whichever tech wins out] at our local Computer Hut, for a couple of Jacksons. Till then, color us crabby.