El Cheapo In-Car MP3

Here’s a cool and inexpensive solution for getting MP3s in your car without the use of a dedicated MP3 player or one of those car cassette deck adapters. The VR3 is an inexpensive (US$30) FM modulator that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It has a USB port on it that allows you to plug in any USB Flash drive. To play MP3s, all you have to do is load the drive with the tracks you want in the order you want to hear ’em. Plug in the drive and tune your stereo to one of the seven frequencies used by the VR3. You have controls to play, stop, skip tracks, and adjust volume.

The unit also has a stereo audio in jack, allowing you to plug in other MP3 devices, CD players, and other digital devices with audio out. Looks like a decent low-cost solution, especially if you already have a keychain Flash drive (and at this point, who doesn’t).

[Via Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools]