I’ll Have a Double McDownload, Hold the Spam, Please

It’s the freakin’ 21st century and they still haven’t perfected a drive-thru intercom you can decipher, but that’s not stopping McDonald’s from gettin’ all McDigital. The Chicago Tribune ran a story yesterday about a suburban Chi-Town flagship in the chain that’s offering an ATM-style kiosk so patrons can download music, ringtones, print out pictures from their phones and digital cameras, and websurf while they bloat up like Morgan Spurlock on burgers and fries. McDonald’s claims the effort is an attempt at reaching a younger, more tech-savvy diner, and if the Chicago restaurant is a success, they plan on opening up others, next in West Virginia and Florida. Yeah, when I think of “young” and “tech-savvy,” I immediately think West Virginia and Florida.