My Fingers Emit Sparks of Fire

Call me odd (it’s happened before), but I like working at my computer in the dark. The glow of my two computer monitors offers enough ambient lighting, as far as I’m concerned. The only problem is, I’m not a touch typist and I need to look down at the keyboard every so often. This was a BIG problem with my old black iMac keyboard, but less so with my new Bluetoothed white one. None of this would be a problem, and my digs would get a cyberpunky fashion upgrade, with a Deck board. Deck Backlit Keyboards come in four flavors: fire (red), ice (blue), gold, and my favorite, toxic green. The entire keyboard housing lights up, as well as the charcters on the individual keys. Another cool touch is that the underside of the boards are industrial diamond plate, deadly if you decide to home row somebody upside the head. The Decks cost either US$99 or $119, depending on model.