Look, kids, FREE GADGETS!

Many Street Techies may already know about this, but Tiger Direct regularly offers gadgets, computer media, and digital office supplies for free. Okay, so you have to fill out a rebate form, but if you’re attentive to that sort of thing, you end up paying nothing. I just bought a 10-pack of DVD-R/DVD-RWs. The price was US$9.99. The rebate was $10. They PAID me (one stinkin’ red cent) to take 47 gigs of removable media off their hands! What’s not to like?

The rebate deals are not collected on the site (at least as far as I can see), but if you sign up for their newsletter, you’re informed of deals there. Current free offerings (besides storage media) include Voice Over IP phone adapters, 50′ retractable USB and RJ-11 cables, an el cheapo HP inkjet printer, and more. They also have 2-for-1 deals: Buy one 10-outlet surge suppressor for $20, get a second one free.