Hydrogen or More Hot Air from GM?

GM is at it again, showing off their latest hydrogen concept car at the Detroit Auto Show. Environmentalists always get their drawstrings in a bunch whenever General Motors parades around another such car ’cause GM likes to lash some of the biggest millstones around any proposed government regulations dealing with current auto standards, while showing off these allegedly “greener” pie-in-the-sky concept vehicles.

That said, there are some nifty innovations on this car, called the Seguey…er…I mean the Sequel. It is “steer and break by wire” (meaning that the steering and braking functions are non-mechanical, instant-response electronics) and all major components are housed under the car, freeing up tons of legroom, cabinroom and additional cargo space.

The hydrogen stack uses 372 cells and can allegedly go 300 miles before needing a refuel. Those big-ass openings under the headlights and tailights are air in- and outtakes for the serious heat generated during power production. The business end of the hydrogen plant is under the car’s frame. All the gear under the hood is basically for air conditioning. No, not for cooling you down, Mr. Clammy Hands, for chillin’ out the fuel stack (tho you do get to share the coolth in the cabin as a fringe benefit).

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