IBM’s Smallest Desktop: Exclusive Pics!

At CeBIT NY this past month IBM was showing off its new ThinkCentre S50 small-footprint desktop PC. While it wasn’t exactly a show-stopper, I was impressed with the design and took a few pics. Plied with liquor however, I agreed to keep them under wraps until today. The S-50 is impressive for its small footprint, which is 8% smaller (35% smaller by volume) than its predecessor. It’s quieter too — noise has been reduced to 39dBA. Despite its small size, the S-50 has an internal power supply and room for one PCI card, a slimline bay for optical drives, a 3.5″ bay for HD, and has 6 USB 2.0 ports for accesories and expanion. The best feature of the new design is the easy access to the internals: the S-50 opens up with all the grace of opening the hood of a Ferrari. Prices start around $600, with well-configured machines going for about $1000.

Click “read more” for the exclusive internal pics.