Tivo News

You gotta love how people will sometimes miss things going on right now because they’re staring at a fuzzy picture of the future.

Lots of the tech news sites today are talking about Tivo’s announcement that soon they will be launching a new service where you can download TV content from the internet onto your Tivo. They don’t give any details as to how this works, or when exactly they’ll be launching it, or how much it will cost.

In the right now though, Tivo has changed their service a lot for the better, and hasn’t bothered to tell anyone about it unless you visit the website. Right now, the previously $50 (or $69 or $99, depending on the mood they were in) Home Media Option is free! Well, not free exactly – just not extra. All the features of the HMOmp3 playback, photo browsing, online scheduling, sharing programs between Tivos on the same network – have been rolled into the basic Tivo service. On top of that, for households (like mine) with more than one Tivo, you now get a discount on the extra subscriptions. Additional Tivos pay only $6.95 a month, instead of the normal $12.95.

So – better, plus cheaper, plus NOW. Not bad.