AeroLatte for 2 bucks!

As you may remember, Gareth simply cannot sing the praises of the AeroLatte enough. It will froth the milk for your homemade lattes in seconds without steam or mess (if you use it right), causes a mild euphoria, and it probably cures cancer.

Well, according to the AeroLatte site’s currency converter, the genuine thing costs about 27 US$. Restoration Hardware carries it for $25 with a fancy stand.

If you happen to live near an Ikea store though, dig around in their kitchen department. They’ve got an identical gadget (minus the stand) for $1.99! I was obviously skeptical of the quality, since it looked pretty cheap, but for 2 bucks, what’s to lose? I am here to testify, ladies and gentlemen, that this tiny gizmo works as claimed! I too have felt the mild euphoria that is a fully mixed mocha that frothed up to the top of my coffee mug faster than I could say “hey, is this lump getting smaller?”

Sure, like I said, there’s no stand. Guess what? You can stand it on its butt for free.