New Feature: Audio Blog

Blogging is becoming more like Llogging — a service from allows users to literally call-in their blog entries: just dial a number, leave a message and it’s instantly uploaded to your site as an mp3. People can listen to it right from your website.

Now, one of the coolest things to do with this, if you ask me (and I know you would if this were an interactive site) is for recording phone calls to and from other people. Just create a conference call with the AudioBlog as the third party, and your conversation with 1) your girlfriend 2) your mother 3) your boss 4) your parole officer will be instantly recorded for all to hear! Cool, eh? Of course, this actually has practical applications for those who want to use it for more journalistic endeavors, such as recording responses from any number of sources like phone conversations with politicians or government officials. And of course Jerky Boys-style pranks are always a good use of new technology.

Hosting for the audio files can be done on your own server or through services provided by others like the still-in-beta AudioBlog.