Home Built Car PC

Check out this amazing home built in-dash car PC based on a mini-ITX board. The Integrated Car Entertainment unit (ICE) is a spectacular example of what one can do with one of these boards if you’ve got a little cash and a lot of inspiration. The ICE integrates voice control features and a touch-screen from a glove-box mounted PC running Windows XP with 40 gig hard-drive. The whole thing is even removable so the owner can transfer files from his home PC. Amazing work!

Update: The creator of this project has set up his own page, and given me a few details about the equipment used. In particular I was interested in the screen, which it turns out is from Xenarc called the 700TS. It’s not cheap — around $600, but even so I’d reckon the parts for this project cost less than $1000. Not bad for such a kick-@$$ system.