Long Live Minidisc. The Minidisc is Dead!

We’ve always had a soft-spot in our wallets for Minidisc players here at StreetTech — it seemed like such a promising media. But with the 10th anniversary of the Minidisc it is time to declare the format dead. Failure to adopt MP3 standards has let the format lag behind the advancing technology and diminishing prices of flash and hard-drive based MP3 players. That hasn’t stopped Sony from releasing a slew of new minidisc products though, such as this CD/MD player recorder called the LAM-Z10, which can be hooked to a computer for transfering music from MP3 on computer to ATRAC on MD. The LAM-Z10 supports MDLP technology for storing up to 320 minutes of music on single disc, and can dub CDs to MDs at 4x speeds. The design is pleasing too, with a bulbous shape almost reminiscent of the ’70s, inviting comparisons with the 8-track cassette players of that time. Buy it today for $400 from Minidisco and get a jump on the retro MD trend.